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Join Our Publishers Today

Join Our Publishers Today

Join the ever growing Entertainment, Music Download, Movie Download, News, Biography & Lyrics Platform in Nigeria Today, and earn 15k Monthly.

Read to end to have a clear explanation and submit your form below 👇

We are looking for only two Nigerian citizens to join us on this great platform, on publishing of content under our various categories, in likes of; Music, Movie, Entertainment, News, Lyrics, Instrumental and Biography.

The pay might look smaller now, but as the platform is growing, with time your reward will be increased and a monthly data subscription will be sent to you every first 1st day of the month.

The work is a stay at home work, where you publish your post at your leisure periods, you might be at work and write, you might be in a station and write, you might be anywhere and write as far as you have your phone and data connection.

After you have been qualified to join us, even tho you know how to publish a post, a tutorial will be given to you for 1 week, on how to publish your post, optimize your post for SEO and how to get used to our posting back-ends, in another seperate website, where we teach our client how to blog and have there own website.

About content writing: avoid copy and paste work, your work has to be 80% original to avoid Low ranking on Google, because the more you work as a Good content publisher, the more our chance of getting higher traffic coming in, an as it works, you will also have a benefit of getting more Pay.

Your Benefits After Working With Us For 6 Months

When you work with us for 6 Months, you will be given a Free hosting and Domain to have your own website and work as a seperate CEO of your website, you can go in your seperate ways if you like or you still work with us if your pay is owkeh for you, because we are sure that, before 6 Months, your pay will be increased.

You can refer to our contact page Incase you have some questions to ask or to be clear of something you aren’t clear of.

Your requirements

1. You must have experience in blogging for 6 Months and above.

2. You must be above 16 Years old

3. You must be a Nigerian Citizen

4. You must be single, Not Married

5. You must have a Good and fast android phone (Laptop is optional) and Good net work services in your location to avoid late delivery of content updates.

6. Others will be given, when you have been approved.

Process Of Joining And Partaking In The Opportunity

1. Fill in your personal details (Your Name, Nickname & address)

2. Chose the category you are perfect to publish your post on, minimum of 3 category.

2. Fill the form below, and make sure you fill everything correctly.

3. Tell us how long you have been blogging

4. Tell us how long you can work with us, minimum of 3 months.

5. Tell us how many post you can publish daily, minimum of 20, while minimum of 5 on Biography Daily.

6. Tell us where you leave, and make sure you give us a correct address.

If you agree with the above, explanations, Benefits, process & Requirements, go ahead and fill the form below 👇

Form will be closed 1st Febuary 2022