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Bella Shmurda High Tension 2.0 Ep – Album Download



High Tension 2.0, by Bella Shmurda Tracklist, is available here on our number one fast rising entertainment blog, for your free and fast Download.

The Highly Anticipated EP from Bella Shmurda, “High Tension 2.0” is Finally Out!!!

With the accomplishment of his 2021 singles (‘Rush’, ‘World’ and ‘Gathering Next Door‘), Bella Shmurda premieres his fresh out of the box new undertaking title “High Tension 2.0“. This assemblage of work is the continuation of his presentation 7 tracks EP – ‘High Tension’ delivered in 2020.

Conceived Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, Bella Shmurda has become one of Nigeria’s most considerable performers. Subsequent to ascending to noticeable quality back in 2019 after the delivery of “Vision 2020”, a solitary which chronicled his time spent hustling in the city of Lagos, the vocalist left on an unbeatable singles run which finished in the arrival of his first EP, 2020’s High Tension. Presently, on the opposite side of a Headies Next Rated Award, the road artist keeps on talking through music with a cognizant message. “High Tension 2.0 is another component of Bella Shmurda,” he reveals to Apple Music. “A recent trend, another energy, another thing for my kin. It resembles lightning. You can’t prevent lightning from striking, and that is the manner in which I’m coming. I’m coming to enter. I’m coming to brighten up my kin. I’m coming to alter individuals’ perspectives, intentionally.” Here, he takes us through his sophomore 8 tracks EP, each track in turn.

Download High Tension 2.0 Music tracklist by Bella Shmurda below.

Bella Shmurda High Tension 2.0 Ep - Album Download

Track 1. “Out There” (Intro)

“Where I come from, it’s an alternate ball game altogether. ‘Out There’ is telling individuals, ‘Man, I can be here doing some star kid thing, yet I know it’s insane out there. I know how things are going. I know where it damages, and how you folks are living. I get it.’ There are levels to this thing. On the off chance that it gets greater, you need to work more diligently to support it. In the event that you get to some stage, in the event that you see a few things, you improve. That thing goes to the individuals who are on the roads as well. They hustle the manner in which they see things.”

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Track 2. “World”

“‘World’ is a cognizant sound which discusses a ton of things, contacting various pieces of life; this negative energy and climate on the planet at the present time. I’m attempting to advise my own kin who don’t think about this. This is how I truly need to manage my music—I need to educate individuals. I need to get individuals associated. I really have an elective cut for this tune, which is two distinct energies, yet a similar melody. It was so passionate and profound for me, since it’s me conflicting with the world. Over all the hurt, I’m actually saying what I need to say. I’m actually doing what I need to do.”

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Track 3. “Soldier Go”

“This is me telling a young lady, ‘In the event that I go, I will return. Officer go, trooper come, yet sleeping shelter is rarely unfilled.’ To every one of my sweethearts out there, on the off chance that I go, I’ll generally return to them. Regardless of where I am on the planet, regardless of what I’m doing, I’ll return. They are my spine. They are my home. Extravagant Beatz delivered this tune. He is somebody I’ve known for quite a while now. It’s anything but something free, it was great.”

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Track 4. “Far Away”

“‘Far Away’ is one of my main tunes on the EP, as in it’s contacting all over. Wherever I truly need to be, each journey I truly need to get, is on that tune. It’s me putting myself out there and telling a young lady, ‘I need the best from you. Feel free. Fulfill me. Give me the best. Allow me to fail to remember my distresses. Remove me from home. Give me an alternate energy. Give me an alternate inclination.'”

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Track 5. “Lako”

“‘Lako’ is a road vibe. On this EP, I’m attempting to adjust the flavor of everything. ‘Lako’ is a devious tune. I created this tune with Fancy Beatz as well. I cited the course that I truly needed the beat to take individuals. Since the sort of individual I am, I feel it’s anything but truly important to shroud what is at the forefront of your thoughts or to conceal your methodologies. From this side, the right to speak freely of discourse isn’t free, however I realize it ought to be free. I’m simply attempting to be incredibly, honest with my feelings, with my sentiments, and with my demeanor. ‘Lako’ resembles, ‘Darling, will you blow me?'”

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Track 6. “Rush (Moving Fast)”

“‘Surge’ is a tale about we, the youngins, at this moment. From where I come from, the present moment, everyone resembles, they need to get it on schedule and they need to hit the nail on the head. Most occasions, it’s anything but like that. While you are pushing for these things, better things will come your direction that will divert you. They say, ‘I’m carrying on a surge, since I’m moving quick.’ Yes, the world is moving quick. It’s anything but everyone that is experiencing that surge. So that is the cognizant melody that is telling individuals, ‘Man, indeed, I’m giving a valiant effort, and I’m getting my thing right. Alright? Try not to bring the negative energies into my thing.’ I chipped away at that tune for more than about fourteen days while recording, since I must make certain of what I needed to say. I must make certain of where I’m going. I must make certain of the sort of message I’m passing to individuals. It’s anything but something decent to work like that and require some investment.”

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Track 7. “Party Next Door”

“‘Gathering Next Door’ came about this way: I hosted a get-together to go to, and along the way to the gathering, there’s my companion’s home. I got to this spot and I met the maker and I met my companion. The maker was playing this extremely alluring beat and resembled, ‘Yo, I host a get-together nearby, yet I can’t go. Do you all have any alternatives? On the off chance that you don’t have anyplace you need to go, you can remain with me and go along with me.’ This is only a gathering energy, to satisfy individuals. It’s a great time. There’s no ‘ideal opportunity’. There’s no ‘best an ideal opportunity’ to do anything. Anything you need to do, ensure you do it and you don’t delay. Time passes quickly, things occur, and a few things can happen that will influence what you need to occur for yourself.”

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Track 8. “Champion” (Outro)

“Where I come from is an interesting spot. Me emerging from that spot—it resembles I’m honored like a boss, since where I come from, a many individuals [pursue achievement in] music for quite a while and they couldn’t see the light. I’m a hero as in I could confront the chances. I could hustle to where I am today. I’m a boss since I’m graced. This melody is only significantly there to tell individuals, ‘Similar to you, I attempted. I genuinely attempted. I truly did it. I made it.'”

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