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Demon Eye Adolescences Lyrics By Dot Demo



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The New Song “Demon Eye Adolescences Lyrics By Dot Demo” Lyrics have been provided here for you to read and know what the Song Lyrics is all about word to word.


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Read Demon Eye Adolescences Lyrics By Dot Demo Lyrics below:-

You say no regrets, I say no pressure
You say no new friends, I say no extras
No loose ends, less tears & stretchers
Dussē neat, schemes wit uptown investors
Demon eyed adolescences
Sneak while you snore
They loyal & ask no questions
This sh*t ain’t for you kid
New frame of reference, make your own
How you gon owe & still wan take a loan
Tss… huh
Death Wishes
Nuclear Threats
Nick Plated Armor
Jеsus Christo
The Federally’s
Long waitеd Karma
Good Intentions
Irrational Business
Slave shift offers
4th quarter decisions
Lil grains of salt trailing out each office
Don’t force the hand I write these grandeur’d
Thoughts with, walk thru carefully
Skillfully carve’n my name, induct myself
Before fame makes my coffin

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Time schedule’n
Dime peddling
Tie sever’n
Fly rhetoric
Vibes trembling
Gods reckoning
Your shine’s dwindling
High adrenaline
Mind swindle’n
Divine melanin
Five elements
Not settle’n

Big mimosas
10 am, Finna stumble in late
Like f*ck the label
Corporate thug’n
Need locations & dates
All my profit, new endeavors
Few bi-coastal estates
Two chauffeur’s
One to get me home & one to ship out these plates
Stay Dangerous

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