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Full Biography Of Nayture (Solomon Bala Sunday) Full Biography Of Nayture (Solomon Bala Sunday)


Full Biography Of Nayture (Solomon Bala Sunday)



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Bala Sunday Solomon is a Nigerian music artist with the stage name Nayture, He started his music carrier since the year 2016 and he has released a mind blowing single track of Music’s which are still blowing the mind of his fc since the year 2016.

Below are his single tracks since the year 2016;

Kaje aye

His record label for now is ( KVN ) kull vibes nation and known as the president of KVN

Nationality: Nigerian
Origin: Niger state/Enugu
Was born 11/jul/1999
Education: 300L as of the present year 2021.

Little biography you need to know about Nature.

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