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JB Nwamama "Ego" Ft. Zoro Mp3 Download JB Nwamama "Ego" Ft. Zoro Mp3 Download

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JB Nwamama “Ego” Ft. Zoro Mp3 Download



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Shocking artist from the East, JB Nwamama discharges another potential hit named, “Ego”. Featuring Zoro.

JB Nwamama – Ego ft. Zoro

The new melody, ‘Ego’ highlights native rapper, Zoro who conveyed an astounding section.

At last, the tune was delivered by Sunock. Blended and dominated by Dr Cliq.

The said artist, has been giving us hit, back to back, of which we are sure, this one will be a mind-blowing record to download and listen.

Tune in and share your idea underneath!

Download Mp3

Download Mp3

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