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JeriQ – 2022



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Stream and Download “JeriQ – 2022” Mp3 Lyrics & Instrumental today on Info9jatv, and don’t forget to share this New Music with friends.

JeriQ – 2022

However; The new song “JeriQ – 2022″ is a nice song to Download and listen to with friends and family, due to the vibe the said artist put into the melody of the music.

The Said artist have been giving us a lot of energy and classic Music’s, of which we are sure that “JeriQ – 2022” will be an impressive track to Download and enjoy.

Listen to “JeriQ – 2022” and enjoy below.

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Stream the music on Audiomack Here

JeriQ – 2022 Download

JeriQ 2022 Lyrics

“2022” (Freestyle) has some catchy lyrics like:

“January to November we chasing Decembag
Devil get behind me, Afufu disembark
Always on motion, Aloba uchem diya
Owu abulo my portion, Gwafa na muwa anoloya
Smoking backwoods, never going backwards
Hoodie on me cos i am a hood boy
2022 bu year of elevation
I am in a big mood, Big mood of elevation
My mindset e change go, My level agbagogo
Ebe uche mu niile di kita bu na elevation
Taking off, we taking off
I’m hopping out a plane before i was hopping out a bus
Elevating with no remorse
I ordered 7 ounce now i’m waiting for the plug
My year of elevation bukwa 2022
Touching a million dollar in 2022
My year of breakthrough bukwa 2022
Soso Ifeoma ka’m na afu in the year 2022
I’m on off white no off days”

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