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Kogbagidi Biography Kogbagidi Biography


Kogbagidi Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Profile, Age, Real Name & Family



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We at Info9jatv might be discussing on all it’s good to find out about, Kogbagidi starting from his Biography, Net Worth, Career, Life Career, Age, Profession, Occupation, State, Real Name, and lots of extra.

Kogbagidi Biography

Introduction To Kogbagidi Biography

Kogbagidi Biography

Quadri Taoreed, also called Kogbagidi, is a businessman and membership promoter who was motivated by his father, who operated a pub.

He’s been within the enterprise for over a decade and has established himself to be a pressure to be reckoned with among the many artists.

Kogbagidi is one identify that may’t be taken out of the present enterprise sport.

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Kogbagidi Education, Early Life

In 2012, he earned a bachelor’s diploma in International Relations and Personal Management (IRPM) from the outstanding Lagos State University, and he meritoriously served within the NYSC program in Ebonyi State.

The promoter was a Unionist all through his undergraduate days, and he was extremely politically and socially inclined, rising to turn out to be the Welfare Director of Lagos State University’s Student Union, which is the most well-liked in West Africa.

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Kogbagidi Wife, Personal Life

Kogbagidi is a married man. He resides in London, United Kingdom, together with his spouse and kids. His youngsters attend the identical college.

Kogbagidi posted a video on his Instagram profile showcasing the second he wished to offer his daughter Eba and Okro soup. She out of the blue started to cry uncontrollably.

The tiny ones, alternatively, weren’t completely bought on the notion, as they repeatedly refused to eat when their father tried to feed them.

Kogbagidi’s daughter was almost in tears as he tried to get her to attempt slightly portion of the favored native dish.

When the promoter noticed she wouldn’t budge, he turned his consideration to his a lot older son. Even although the small man was not delighted with the dinner, he managed to eat a chew.

Kogbagidi Instagram, Twitter

Kogbagidi’s actual identify is Quadri Taoreed. The promoter makes use of Instagram underneath the consumer deal with @kogbagidi. His profile has gained over 1 million followers as of now.

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He additionally makes use of the Twitter account underneath the identify @kogbagidi. His Twitter account hasn’t gained the celebrity as his Instagram account.

While observing his posts, we discovered that his each submit has crossed greater than 66K likes.

Kogbagidi Net Worth

Kogbagidi internet value remains to be underneath assessment. The promoter’s internet value is perhaps over $5 Million.

His revenue sources haven’t been unveiled to his followers but. Looking at his way of life on his social media profiles, his earnings are anticipated to be in Millions.

What's Kogbagidi Net Worth

Kogbagidi net worth is still under review. The promoter’s net worth might be over $5 Million.

What is kogbagidi Real Name

What is Kogbagidi Net Worth 2022

Kogbagidi Net Worth for 2022 is yet to be reviewed

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