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L.A.X "Money" Instrumental L.A.X "Money" Instrumental

Download Instrumental

L.A.X “Money” Instrumental



Download Mp3

Download L.A.X “Money” Instrumental and do your music cover or remix as you want for free, only on info9jatv.com.

L.A.X "Money" Instrumental

Do to much request from fans, whom want to do the music cover, we are opportune to provide the Instrumental here for your free and fast download. L.A.X “Money” Instrumental.

The new track “Money” fills in as his first single for the year since the arrival of his 2020 EP.

The Niphkeys-produced track “Money” serves as his first single for the year since the release of his 2020 EP.

Download and enjoy the Instrumental below.

Download Mp3

Download Inst.

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