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Psquare: Paul (Rudeboy) & Peter (Mr.P) Okoye Has Officially End Their Longtime Beef Psquare: Paul (Rudeboy) & Peter (Mr.P) Okoye Has Officially End Their Longtime Beef


Mr. P Talked On Why They Reconciled With His Brother, Rudeboy



Mr. P, also referred to as Peter Okoye, has revealed how he and his twin brother Rudeboy buried the hatchet following a four-year rivalry.

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Psquare: Paul (Rudeboy) & Peter (Mr.P) Okoye Has Officially End Their Longtime Beef

During a radio tour for his or her forthcoming live performance, Mr. P, who lately recovered from an sickness owing to strenuous rehearsals for the P-Square reunion present, spoke in an Instagram Live along with his brother, Rudeboy.

When requested how they settled, he stated: “It was a healing process. It was unplanned”.

He continued:

“Na person wey take side dey hear am now. If you put mouth or you take side, I hope you are okay now.

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“Somebody actually wrote something, he said I want to know who walked up to who.

“Not like we don’t still have Rude Boy and Mr P but it is a triple dose. Just enjoy the triple dose, enjoy the moment. Trying to figure out who or how, you don’t need that”.

On their forthcoming present scheduled to carry on December 25 in Lagos, he promised it is going to be a curler coaster for his or her followers as a few of their collaborators reminiscent of 2Baba, J Martins amongst others will probably be current.

“Like I said, we decided not to have any show in Nigeria until this 25th. If we wanted to be doing shows, we will be doing three shows every day,” he stated.

Rudeboy added:

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Shows were coming but if they are going to see us perform together, let it be from our concert.”

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