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PituHills "Les Kor Bet" Mp3 Download PituHills "Les Kor Bet" Mp3 Download

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PituHills “Les Kor Bet” Mp3 Download



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PituHills might be appreciating basic praise in abundance for his most recent singles, ‘Shigege,’ ‘Bob Marley‘ and the cover to DJ Tarico’s raving success single, ‘Yaba Buluku,’ yet that doesn’t mean the vigorous entertainer is becoming complacent. Download Les Kor Bet and enjoy, Les Kor Bet Les Kor Bet.

PituHills "Les Kor Bet" Mp3 Download

While fans keep on getting to know the said singles, oneself acclaimed ‘Omo Iya Jumoke’ and his maker, Shocker, are organizing an incredible takeover with this new jam they call ‘Les Kor Bet’ — an irresistible Amapiano-motivated record that will without a doubt get your body occupied.

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What are you hanging tight for? Pay attention to the freshest exertion from the Disco Boy Entertainment act.

Tune in beneath:-

Download Mp3

Download Mp3

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