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Portable Apologize To Poco Lee Portable Apologize To Poco Lee


Portable Apologize To Poco Lee, After His Recent Outburst On Tuesday



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Fast rising Nigerian sensation, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has apologize to Poco Lee and Kogbagidi over his outburst earlier on Tuesday.

Portable Apologize To Poco Lee

Zazoo Zeh: I’ll never let you down again, Portable apologises to Poco Lee, Kogbagidi

In a viral video, Portable had called out Poco Lee for collecting his money and receiving credit for their song.

The street sensation is currently making waves with his ‘Zazoo Zeh’ hit in which he featured award-winning singer, Olamide, and Poco Lee.

In the viral video, Portable accused Poco Lee of claiming ownership of the song.

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However, after calling out Poco Lee, his promoter, Kogbagidi, took to Instagram to express his anger over Portable’s move.

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The promoter said, “Unruly and unprofessional conduct is always expected from upcomings . You never can tell what goes on in their mind or head. I’m shocked and embarrassed at this point. Do I need to fix your career and your head at the same time?”(sic)

Few hours later, Portable took to his Instagram page to apologise to Poco Lee, Kogbagidi, and Olamide, stating that he’ll never let them down again.

He wrote, “My sincere apologies goes out to my benefactors @olamide @poco_lee and @kogbagidi . I am in the learning process, I know better now.

“Kindly forgive me and pardon the street in me. Much love and appreciation to all my fans. Words cannot express my feelings right now .

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“Thanks for the intervention and words of comfort. Now I know I’m not on this journey alone . Love you guys . I will never let you down again. Expect more from your boy. Zeh nation.”

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