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Wande Coal housed me when I had nowhere to go – Wizkid Wande Coal housed me when I had nowhere to go – Wizkid


Wizkid Said “Wande Coal Housed Me When I Had Nowhere To Go”



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Wande Coal housed me when I had nowhere to go, Said by Wizkid after there efficiency with Wande Coal On Stage.

Wande Coal housed me when I had nowhere to go – Wizkid

Grammy award-winning singer, Ayo Balogun, popularly generally known as Wizkid revealed that fellow Nigerian singer, Wande Coal, housed him when he had nowhere to go.

Wizkid made this identified through the Flytime music competition in Lagos on Tuesday night time, the place he was the headline artist.

After an lively efficiency with Wande Coal on stage, Wizkid requested his followers to have fun the Bumper to Bumper crooner for uplifting him.

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That’s the man that inspired me. You all should make some noise for Wande Coal, “ Wizkid said.

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After the fans cheered Wande Coal, Wizkid said,I remember when I was making my first single. When I was making Holla at your boy, Tease me, don’t dull. Wande Coal was always there for me.

He let me sleep in his room when I had nowhere to go. I just want to say a big thank you to that guy. That’s a very special human being.”

The viewers went on to cheer Wande Coal after Wizkid’s revelation.

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